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Grow your cross-border
e-commerce business

PingPong simplifies global expansion for e-commerce businesses. Reduce cross-border payment costs with a single platform to collect marketplace earnings, convert currencies, and pay suppliers.

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Get paid faster by global marketplaces

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Simplify management of multiple currencies with a single platform

Simplify marketplace payouts

Link your PingPong account and receive payments from top global marketplaces and platforms like Amazon, Rakuten, Shopify, Etsy and Airbnb.

Easy to withdraw

Connect PingPong to your bank account to withdraw your hard-earned money easily and quickly.

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Reduce the cost of doing business globally

It's free and simple to sign up

There are no monthly fees. Get the benefits of a local bank account overseas without the complex sign-up process.

Avoid unnecessary FX costs

PingPong enables e-commerce businesses to open multiple virtual accounts in up to 15 currencies to receive and payout funds in the same currency.

Get paid in 2 easy steps

Step 1

Apply for a virtual account and select your preferred currencies.

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Step 2

Select the marketplaces/platforms you'll collect earnings from and enter monthly sales estimates.

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Streamline payments to providers

PingPong offers a faster, simpler, and more secure way to pay international suppliers, service providers, tax authorities, freelancers and contractors.
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Strengthen supplier relationships

Pay faster to negotiate better

Say goodbye to slow, expensive international bank transfers. Pay suppliers in their preferred local currencies so they don’t get hit with excess fees.

Expand global reach

Easily send funds to 40+ countries using cost-effective, fast local payment rails and extend your reach to suppliers in 200+ countries using the SWIFT payment network. No transfer limits.

Fast settlement

Streamline your payment process with PingPong with instant settlements within our network.

Reduce costs and improve efficiency

Avoid costly hidden fees

Steer clear of intermediary bank fees with our transparent >1% all-inclusive transaction fee for international payments.

Simplify tax management

Pay VAT, GST, and other taxes with our integrated tax management solutions supporting 12 countries.

Automate reconciliation

Sync your PingPong account with QuickBooks for automated payment and expense data updates.

Streamline operations and control cash flow.

Schedule and send single and batch payments. Track all invoices and payments in a single platform. Give access to your team and set individual permissions.

Make a supplier payment in 2 easy steps

Apply Virtual Account

Step 1

Select the amount you want to pay and the currency.

Apply Virtual Account

Step 2

Select a recipient and choose the payment method.

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Trusted by the world’s most popular marketplaces

Reduce your risk and FX costs

Increase profit margins

Convert currencies at low, competitive rates—cheaper than marketplaces and banks.

Lower transaction costs

0% fees for transfers between PingPong accounts. Less than 1% all-inclusive fees for international payments.

Avoid unnecessary fees

Convert only when it's necessary. Use the currency you receive to pay local selling costs (such as advertising or logistics).

Convert at the right time

Hold funds in the currencies you need to do business, avoiding currency fluctuations. E-commerce businesses can hold funds in 12 major currencies with PingPong.

Settlement usually 2-7 business days
High fees around 3-5 %
Unfavorable exchange rates with large spread
Payment tracking unavailable
Vendor verification unavailable

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Same day and next day settlement options
Less than 1% all-inclusive international payment fees
Competitive exchange rates
Track in-network payments
Verify supplier details before processing

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Up to 1% fee
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Your actual payment
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Real-time exchange rate
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Invest now, pay later

Grow your business with improved cash flow. There are two financing options
available from our financing partner, Kanmon. All options include:
Competitive pricing

Great rates and transparent fees

Direct deposit

Funds deposited directly into your PingPong account

Fast approval

Average time from application to approval is 24 hours

Automated repayment

Easy repayment from your specified bank account

Term loan

Standard loan for more significant investments with a fixed payback period
Invest in growth

Seize new opportunities, invest in equipment or staff, and expand operations.

Ready for the unexpected

Be prepared for any unforeseen events with extra cash on hand.

Accounts payable financing

Short-term funding to increase working capital and pay suppliers
Keep your shelves stocked

Ensure you have inventory to hit key e-commerce dates and grow your business sustainably.

Pay suppliers faster

You can immediately send cost-effective payments to your suppliers and service providers.

Trusted and
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PingPong provides high-level fraud protection with real-time transaction monitoring, data modelling, and risk management features.

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PingPong manages all regulatory requirements, including AML, KYC, and PSD2, and is licensed in the US, Europe, and Asia, meeting stringent global payment standards. See the licensing page for full details.

24/7 customer
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With 30+ offices worldwide, PingPong offers support in your preferred time zone and language so you can launch quickly and start seeing results.