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“Paying a supplier is as simple as adding invoice notes and pressing a button. That's it. Sent. And it's really quick and easy.”

Keith Mander Owner, Yuca LTD

The Problem / Pain Points 

Though Yuca was on a growth trajectory, the predominant payment method for supplier expenses was in USD. This was something that was causing a spike in their payment-related expenses. Upon researching alternative options, he realized that traditional banking accounts would subject him to fees for wire transfers and conversions.

The Solution: Journey with PingPong

PingPong, which offers the same services at minimal or no cost, was the obvious choice for retaining revenue and reducing expenses.  This realization made partnering with PingPong an easy decision of everyone at Yuca.

“PingPong makes paying suppliers and sending money globally more approachable by diversifying supply chains and facilitating innovative solutions for traditional routes of acquiring inventory." - Keith Mander, Owner, Yuca LTD

With PingPong, Yuca Ltd enjoys the convenience of a streamlined payment process. Keith simply adds invoice notes and clicks a button to complete supplier payments, saving time and effort.

PingPong has proven to be a game-changer for Yuca Ltd, revolutionizing the company's supply chain and fueling its business expansion. By partnering with PingPong, Keith and his team have transformed routine business operations into a catalyst for growth and success. With the ability to view balances, add suppliers, and make payments with ease, Yuca Ltd has unlocked a world of opportunities for diversifying its supply chains and cutting costs. 

Just as Yuca embodies strength and innovation in its houseware products, PingPong empowers Yuca Ltd to embody those same qualities in its financial operations. With PingPong as their trusted payment provider, Yuca Ltd continues to thrive and evolve in the competitive market, providing customers with exceptional products while building a sustainable and prosperous business.