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For customers like me with zero IT experience or background, I'm able to use the platform right away. Withdrawing money, sending payments, and converting currencies is simple.

Stephen Chun, Union Beauty Corp

The Problem

As global marketplaces like Amazon expand their reach, Union Beauty Corp has to evolve alongside them, but the cost of expansion is daunting. A growing, global supply chain means dealing with cross-border transactions that historically mean high transfer costs and interest fees. 

Furthermore, a need for a user-friendly and intuitive platform arises, especially for a brand that does not want to spend extra on building a financial management platform from scratch.

The Solution

Since Union Beauty started using PingPong, Stephen has been constantly anticipating further cost savings in interest fees and the superior rates offered by PingPong—thanks to their international PingPong account capabilities. 

Furthermore, the user-friendly and intuitive nature of the PingPong platform streamlines revenue management, payment processing, and fund withdrawals, saving Stephen valuable time and effort. Another key feature that Stephen appreciates is the ability to choose when to withdraw funds from his PingPong account and convert and deposit them into his personal account.

"PingPong definitely generates more value for me as a marketplace seller/business. This is a solution that saves sellers a lot of money when it comes to interest fees and currency exchange charges." – Stephen Chun, General Manager, Union Beauty Corp


PingPong's comprehensive suite of features, user-friendly platform, and dedicated customer service have positioned Union Beauty  for optimal performance in the competitive beauty industry. The simplicity and efficiency of the PingPong platform empower Stephen Chun and his team to focus on growing their business while saving significant costs on interest fees and currency exchange charges.

With PingPong as their trusted partner, Union Beauty continues to thrive and adapt to the ever-changing global marketplace, unlocking new opportunities and achieving unparalleled success.