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“PingPong's transparency has transformed our relationships with clients and payees. Automated notifications ensure visibility, while dedicated account support enables prompt assistance. This partnership fuels mutual growth and prosperity at Listo Global.”

Co-Founder and COO, Listo Global

The Problem

Listo’s business model relied heavily on hiring and paying employees and contractors worldwide, while also necessitating frequent cross-border transactions. However, the company struggled with the complexity and unpredictability associated with multiple payment providers. Managing numerous vendors, diverse terms, fluctuating foreign exchange fees, and disparate third-party charges created a chaotic and inefficient payment process, hindering Listo Global's ability to manage payments effectively.

The Solution

Recognising the need for a comprehensive payment platform, Listo Global embarked on a search for a centralized solution. That search led them to discover PingPong —a platform designed to simplify payments, provide centralized management, and optimize cross-border transactions.

Listo Global soon found PingPong to be the ideal partner for streamlining their payment process, ensuring greater efficiency and control.

Since adopting PingPong, Listo Global has experienced a profound transformation in their payment operations. The platform's centralised approach and intuitive interface has allowed them to consolidate and streamline their payment management. Adding beneficiaries, conducting transactions in multiple currencies, and accurately predicting payment schedules have become seamless processes, empowering Listo Global to efficiently manage their global payroll.

Moreover, PingPong's commitment to transparency has significantly improved Listo Global's relationships with clients and payees. Each payment initiation triggers an automated email notification to recipients, providing complete visibility into the payment process.


Listo Global's rapid expansion and their roster of clients with large employee bases necessitate the use of an efficient payment solution like PingPong. As Listo Global continues to scale, the company anticipates leveraging PingPong to accommodate diverse currencies, expand payment rails, and forge strategic partnerships.

An ongoing collaboration between Listo Global and PingPong aims to integrate the platform into Listo Global's existing infrastructure, enabling clients to make direct payments to their contractors. With a bright outlook, both companies are poised for continued success.