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“PingPong has proven to be a reliable and efficient payment platform for LGG Media, offering streamlined cross-border payments, reduced costs, and exceptional customer service. By leveraging PingPong's platform, LGG Media can concentrate on core business operations while delivering exceptional services to its clients. With PingPong as a trusted partner, LGG Media is poised for continued growth and expansion, all while maintaining its commitment to exceptional customer service.”

Juan Colicchio, Co-Owner, LGG Media

The Problem / Pain Points

As LGG Media expanded its operations internationally, the company encountered significant hurdles associated with cross-border payments. Working with multiple payment providers introduced complexities, including diverse fee structures, prolonged processing times, and unfavorable currency exchange rates. These challenges resulted in substantial financial losses for LGG Media, highlighting the need for an efficient payment solution that could streamline operations, reduce costs, and enhance overall efficiency.

The Solution

Conducting thorough research, LGG Media discovered PingPong. Recognizing the platform's potential to address their cross-border payment pain points, LGG Media swiftly implemented PingPong as their preferred payment solution.

The change has yielded significant improvements in LGG Media's business operations. The elimination of wire transfer fees has resulted in monthly savings exceeding $1,000, as payments to suppliers worldwide no longer incur additional charges. Furthermore, PingPong  consistently offers favorable foreign exchange rates, leading to substantial annual savings in the six-figure range.

PingPong's commitment to exceptional customer service has also made a notable impact. LGG Media benefits from a dedicated account manager who provides unwavering support, even outside regular business hours. This personalised assistance has exceeded expectations, fostering a strong partnership and enabling LGG Media to deliver outstanding customer service.

LGG Media envisions expanding its creative studio to enhance paid media and creative services. As the company seeks more automation and integration, funding its account seamlessly is a priority. However, LGG Media has no intention of changing its payment platform, as its satisfaction with PingPong remains unwavering. PingPong's commitment to excellence and unparalleled customer service make it an invaluable asset to LGG Media's operations.