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For anyone selling on global marketplaces: I'd recommend using PingPong. It's simple. You'll see a lot of savings. You'll quite literally see tangible dollars that you wouldn't have prior to using PingPong

Ryan Clay KontrolFreek

The Problem

Prior to using PingPong, KontrolFreek faced numerous fees from the marketplaces they sold on, which eroded their revenue. However, by simply switching to a PingPong account, they experienced immediate and tangible profits in the form of savings. In addition, the automation capabilities of PingPong allowed KontrolFreek to streamline their operations, freeing up time and resources.

“Before PingPong, a lot of fees were being assessed from the marketplaces we sell on. But a very simple switch to using a PingPong account showed instant profits in savings. We were even able to automate tasks and streamline operations.” – Ryan Clay, Marketplaces Manager, KontrolFreek

The Solution 

Ryan Clay recommends PingPong to anyone selling on global marketplaces, emphasizing the simplicity and significant savings it offers. With PingPong, sellers can witness tangible dollars that were previously unattainable.

PingPong has proven to be the ultimate payment solution for KontrolFreek, enabling them to maximize their earnings and stay at the forefront of the gaming industry. By eliminating hidden fees, providing transparent exchange rates, and offering a unified platform for marketplace activity, PingPong has empowered KontrolFreek to focus on their core business of creating exceptional gaming accessories. With PingPong as their trusted partner, KontrolFreek continues to thrive, expand their global presence, and achieve remarkable savings.

Just as KontrolFreek enhances gaming performance, PingPong enhances financial performance, ensuring that KontrolFreek remains at the top of their game while enjoying the benefits of simplicity, transparency, and increased profitability.